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    Full name Club Deportivo Guadalajara
    • Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkluβ ðepoɾˈtiβo ɣwaðalaˈxaɾa]); often simply known as Guadalajara ([ɡwaðalaˈxaɾa]) and their nickname Chivas ([ˈtʃiβas]), is a Mexican professional football club based in Zapopan, Jalisco.
    • Guadalajara is one of the ten founding members of the Mexican First Division and along with Club América is one of only two teams that have never been relegated to the second-tier division.
    • Guadalajara is the only football club in Mexico that does not allow foreign players to play for their club.
    • The team has constantly emphasized home-grown (cantera) players and has been the launching pad of many internationally successful players, including, Javier Hernández, Francisco Javier Rodríguez and Marco Fabián.
    • The team's three colors (red, white, and blue) symbolize "Fraternity, Union, and Sports". The founders of the team adopted the colors that linked them back to their home country, France.
    • Chivas supporters use a flag identical to the French flag to support their team.
    • The team mascot, as well as their nickname, is the goat or chiva.
    • Chivas is one of Mexico's most successful teams and holds the Mexican league record for the longest winning streak at the beginning of a season, with 8 consecutive wins.
    • Internationally, Guadalajara is the best Mexican side to compete in Copa Libertadores having reached the semifinals twice (2005 and 2006) and being runner-ups in the 2010 edition.
    • According to a 2016 study of preferred football clubs Guadalajara is the most popular team in Mexico, with 44.2% of supporters in the country.
    • In 2020, Forbes estimated that the club was the most valuable of the league, ranking sixth overall in the Americas, worth approximately $311.5 million.
    Nickname(s) Las Chivas (The Goats)
    Chivas Rayadas (Striped Goats)
    Rebaño Sagrado (Sacred Flock)
    Rojiblancos (Red and Whites)
    Campeonísimo (Great Champion)
    El Más Grande (The Biggest)
    Short name GDL
    Founded 8 May 1906; 116 years ago, as Club Union.
    Ground Estadio Akron
    Capacity 48,071
    Owner Grupo Omnilife
    President Amaury Vergara
    Manager Ricardo Cadena
    League Liga MX
    Clausura 2022 Regular phase: 6th
    Final phase: Quarter-finals